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Category: Executive Pay

What are the key factors affecting executive pay strategies in 2022?

Executive Pay | Executive Compensation | Executive | Pay Review

We know only too well the challenges with wage inflation and hiring of talent right now. Whilst we may think this predominantly impacts low to mid-level roles, the reality is, the same issues extend to Executive level roles too.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
17 March 2022

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ESG metrics in executive pay: creating long term sustainable value for all stakeholders

Executive Pay | Executive Compensation | Exec pay | Responsible Reward | ESG

Before Covid-19, many organisations looked to the UN Sustainability Goals to provide them with an environmental and societal purpose, but the pandemic has thrown up new challenges, as well as opportunities to make a difference. Sarah Lardner reviews how ESG can be used to best effect within the executive package.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
11 November 2020

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How do you set Exec pay when all normal measures are out the window?

Executive Pay | Executive Compensation | Remcom | Exec pay

With the future of the traditional LTIP in doubt right now, this is a real opportunity for Remco’s to support a resetting of Executive Pay and rebuild trust not just within their organisations but also outside them, and fulfil their social responsibility to stakeholders.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
28 April 2020

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Born in the USA: Lessons on CEO Pay Ratios 

Boardroom | CEO Pay Ratios | Corporate Governance | Executive Pay | Executive Compensation | HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Employee communications

The UK's first round of reporting CEO pay ratios is on the way - but what lessons should we learn from experiences across the pond? Client Director Judith Moore looks at fairness, narratives, managing stakeholders and the future of disclosing executive pay.

Posted by Judith Moore on
18 February 2020

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The Pay Trends 2020 white paper is here!

Executive Pay | HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Gender Pay Reporting | Reward Intelligence | Pay trends | National Living Wage | Brexit | Low Pay | Reward Strategy

Our white paper has landed! Download via our website to get your essential update on the Reward landscape in 2020 and beyond.

Posted by Karen Thornley on
04 February 2020

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Now that’s what I call blogs! 2019’s greatest hits

Executive Pay | HR Reward | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Gender Pay Gap | Benefits intelligence | Employee engagement | Analytics | Pay trends | BAME reporting | Pay Structure | Pay benchmarking | Flexible Benefits

A blog roundup today - our most popular blogs from 2019. Well worth a re-read of your favourites, or a chance to catch up on any you've missed.

Posted by Ella Rees on
17 December 2019

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10 Do's and Don'ts for Gender Pay Gap reporting

Executive Pay | HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Gender Pay | Gender Pay Gap | Gender Pay Reporting | Measuring pay | Analytics | Communications

With Year 2's reporting deadline just around the corner, Innecto Client Director Gemma Bullivant gives you her top 10 tips for getting Gender Pay right.

Posted by Gemma Bullivant on
19 March 2019

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Universally challenged: Lessons on exec pay from university RemCom

Boardroom | Corporate Governance | Executive Pay | HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Pay & Reward | Employee engagement | Exec pay | Reward

This week, RemCom mentor Deborah Rees-Frost argues that borrowing ideas from other sectors allows private sector companies to make useful points of comparisons with a wider group of senior roles – and ultimately strengthen their existing RemCom structure.

Posted by Deborah Rees-Frost on
03 April 2018

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Truth or Dare: Top 5 Exec Pay Myths

Corporate Governance | Executive Pay | Executive Compensation | Financial Reporting Council | HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Motivation | Pay & Reward | Exec pay | Executive

Executive pay has been in the news even more than usual lately - but there's a lot of misinformation out there. Deborah Rees-Frost sets the record straight on the 5 most commonly-heard 'truths'.

Posted by Deborah Rees-Frost on
05 December 2017

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Going for Gold at RemCom

Boardroom | Executive Pay | HR Reward | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Leadership | Remcom Mentor | Pay & Reward | Exec pay | Communications | Organisational Design | Reward

Feeling nervous about the start of RemCom season? Not to worry - experienced RemCom advisor Deborah Rees-Frost is here to guide you through Innecto's GOLD standard for ensuring a successful outcome.

Posted by Deborah Rees-Frost on
21 November 2017

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