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Now that’s what I call blogs! 2019’s greatest hits





Posted by Ella Rees on 17 December 2019

Now that’s what I call blogs! 2019’s greatest hits

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Greetings, blog pickers!

It’s time for our top ten blogs of 2019 – the most popular posts from the all-star cast here at Innecto Studios.

At 10, it’s Justine Woolf with her classic hit ‘What do ‘fair’ rewards look like within your company culture?’ 

A smash hit for Mark Macoun at 9, with ‘HR analytics and predicting employee behaviour’.

It’s a new entry at 8: Sarah Lardner’s catchy little number, ‘How to lead the way with a ‘light touch’ RemCom approach’.

Making a comeback at 7, it’s ‘The myth of market rate’ by Sarah Nash.

Fresh at 6, it’s Gemma Bullivant with ‘10 Do's and Don'ts for Gender Pay Gap reporting’.

Straight in at 5, Ben Rowley brings us ‘4 steps to creating the perfect pay structure’

In at 4, it’s Sarah Nash again with ‘BAME reporting: Are you ready?’

Down from the top spot at 3, it’s ‘Gender pay 2019: hard facts, harder figures’ from James Bigus.

And straight back in at 2, it’s Ben Rowley with ‘2019’s top 5 workplace benefits’.

But your number 1 blog of 2019… it’s the Pay Trends white paper, and the results from our PT survey

We’re taking a break from the blog over Christmas, but we’ll be back in your inbox 7th January with another instant classic from the Innecto hit factory. 

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