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Category: Reward Consultancy


The myth of market rate

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Gender Pay Reporting | Good data | Measuring pay | Salary survey | Pay benchmarking

Do you pay the market rate for your jobs? Chances are you think you do, but how do you know? Pay benchmarking expert Sarah Nash takes you through getting the most accurate result, as well as how to establish if your pay is fair.

Posted by Sarah Nash on
15 January 2019

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Discovery before solution

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Leadership | Reward Intelligence

New year, new thinking: how to reassess your problem-solving methodology and get better outcomes for your business with Justine Woolf's thought-provoking guide.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
08 January 2019

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Our top 10 useful reads for Christmas

Boardroom | HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Motivation | Leadership | Engagement | Analytics | Women in leadership | Disruptive HR | Global talent | Fast Growth | Agile working | Culture

This week we bring you a festive cornucopia of recommended reads from the Innecto team which will send you into the New Year full of fresh ideas and ready to hit the ground running.

Posted by Ella Rees on
18 December 2018

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Baby steps to closing the Gender Pay Gap

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Gender Pay Gap | Gender Pay Reporting | Annual Leave | Women in leadership | Flexible working

As organisations gear up for the second round of Gender Pay Gap reporting, Senior Consultant James Bigus considers a simple but effective way to reduce the gap – family friendly HR policies.

Posted by James Bigus on
11 December 2018

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Older & wiser? HR lessons from ‘mature’ businesses

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Analytics | Global mobility | Fast Growth | Agile working | Culture | Pay benchmarking

We work with many organisations where HR struggles to realise its full value to the business. Innecto's Sarah Lardner explores some of these common challenges, as well as solutions to make HR into an operational powerhouse.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
04 December 2018

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Using reward to enhance company culture

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Motivation | Employee engagement | Business Ethics | Culture | Total reward | Pay Structure | Recognition | Reward Strategy | Job evaluation

At a time of record levels of job-switching, how do you keep employees on-board? One answer is to focus on something money can’t buy. Here's some ideas on how to reinforce your company culture through good reward policies and practice.

Posted by Roy Curnick on
27 November 2018

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5 steps to motivating the middle with sales bonus

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Motivation | Analytics | Commission | Sales Bonus

Are you getting enough value from your sales bonus scheme? Does it focus too much on top performers and ignore Malcolm in the Middle? Director of Consulting Deborah Rees-Frost has 5 steps for getting your sales bonus working harder.

Posted by Deborah Rees-Frost on
20 November 2018

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Employee engagement: finding your solution

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Motivation | Leadership | Employee engagement | Fast Growth | Total reward

There's no one size fits all approach to employee engagement - the solution has to be right for your organisations's ethos and goals. Innecto Client Director Justine Woolf takes you through some key engagement elements and how getting the perfect mix is vital for sustained success.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
13 November 2018

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How to get this year's Pay Review spot on

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy

It's that time again... pay review is coming up fast. Innecto's Senior Consultant Ben Rowley shares some top tips to make this year the smoothest and least stressful ever.

Posted by Ben Rowley on
02 November 2018

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The HR team in 2028 – our predictions

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy

How should HR cope with new challenges in a fast-evolving business landscape? Innecto's Alastair Cole gazes into his crystal ball to guess what the HR team of the future might be like - and why.

Posted by Alastair Cole on
30 October 2018

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Top 10 tips for stand-out Reward comms

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Reward Intelligence | Communications

Communicating your new Reward project shouldn't be an afterthought - it's crucial in ensuring your hard work lands well and sticks around. Innecto communications guru Karen Thornley gives her top 10 tips for getting it right.

Posted by Karen Thornley on
23 October 2018

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4 ways HR can become more agile & strategic

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy

Client Director Sarah Lardner gives you 4 key areas to improve on for HR to help the business.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
16 October 2018

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