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Onboarding whilst social distancing

Reward Consultancy | Employee engagement | Employee communications | HR Technology | Employee Experience | Covid-19

Onboarding is such a crucial part of any new hire’s impressions of their employer. Get it right and they’ll be engaged and productive; get it wrong and it’s hard to recover for both sides. But how to go about it when normal life is suspended?

Posted by Andrew Walker on
23 April 2020

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Does your sales bonus scheme still work in challenging times?

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Motivation | Sales Bonus | Covid-19

Many companies are stuck between having to pay out sales bonus without results, or having to furlough these employees and removing their earning potential. Sarah Lardner explains how to make your sales bonus scheme agile enough to help your business through the Covid-19 situation.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
21 April 2020

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Crisis? What crisis?: How to manage employee communications

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Employee communications | Communications | Covid-19

How to keep your workforce engaged during the Covid-19 lockdown - some key principles for communicating effectively with employees when meeting face-to-face isn’t an option.

Posted by Andrew Walker on
14 April 2020

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Planning for the Other Side

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Pay & Reward | Communications | Salary survey | Recognition | Reward Strategy | Pay benchmarking | Pay Review | Covid-19

Senior Reward Consultant Emer Bucukoglu explains why now is the time to take a considered approach to reward, review your current reward strategy and policies and explore smarter, more agile reward solutions.

Posted by Emer Bucukoglu on
09 April 2020

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Gender pay gap reporting – more than just the numbers…

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Gender Pay Gap | Gender Pay Reporting | Employee engagement | Analytics

Mandatory reporting may be cancelled this year, but it's still a good opportunity to evaluate your gender pay position and review what measures are in place to close the gap.

Posted by Alastair Cole on
07 April 2020

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Genuine gestures or PR stunt?

Executive Compensation | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Long Term Incentives | Pay Fairness | Exec pay | LTIP | Business Ethics | Covid-19

Innecto's Justine Woolf explains why headline reports of CEOs taking salary cuts aren't all they appear, and whether football clubs should consider cutting players' pay in line with other staff.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
03 April 2020

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The true value of societal impact on reward

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Flexible working | Covid-19

The current Covid-19 crisis has made us appreciate the contribution of key workers more than ever. But when it comes to Reward, why have these roles traditionally been undervalued - and is that about to change?

Posted by Justine Woolf on
31 March 2020

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How Covid-19 will affect your gender pay gap and why you should still publish this year

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Equal Pay | Gender Pay Gap | Gender Pay Reporting | Analytics | Covid-19

Organisations cannot afford to take their eye off the ball with Gender Pay, despite the government suspending publication of the 2019 figures. Actions taken now to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on businesses will have a significant impact on your results, as well as causing potential equal pay issues down the line. 

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
26 March 2020

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How HR can adapt to Coronavirus disruption and enable better engagement

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Employee engagement | Employee communications | Engagement | Flexible working | Communications | Agile working | HR Technology | Wellbeing | Covid-19

With Coronavirus disruption and so many employees now working remotely, it’s essential we don’t forget the importance of connecting with each other. Judith Moore examines 3 priorities for HR professionals to keep employees engaged during this difficult time.

Posted by Judith Moore on
17 March 2020

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National Minimum Wage changes: your essential update

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Salary sacrifice | National Living Wage | Low Pay | Productivity | Financial Wellbeing

Asha Charles summarises recent changes to low pay in the UK, including new approaches to NMW enforcement, pay arrangements, and salary sacrifice. A must read ahead of new regulations in April.

Posted by Asha Charles on
10 March 2020

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Join the club: why you should join a specialist pay survey

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Good data | Club survey | Salary survey | Pay benchmarking

Good pay data is key to informing decisions around pay management. But what happens when the traditional pay surveys don't fit the bill for specialist roles? Club surveys could be the answer. Sarah Nash reveals what organisations can gain from joining a specialist pay survey...

Posted by Sarah Nash on
03 March 2020

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How to have a pain-free Pay Review

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Employee communications | Pay Review

If you're about to embark on your Annual Pay Review, first read Cathryn Edmondson's blog on how to make this year's process simpler, smoother and better.

Posted by Cathryn Edmondson on
25 February 2020

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