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Pay without Borders – Aligning salary with talent

Pay framework | Talent

The global pandemic has made an indelible impression on working practices and policy and everyone’s eyes have been opened to the possibilities of remote working.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
30 June 2022

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GUEST BLOG: 5 ways to support the mental health of bereaved employees

Wellbeing | Mental Health

Employees suffering from grief need to be managed with care and sensitivity. Having a bereavement framework in place is a big step forward.

Posted by Gemma Bullivant on
23 June 2022

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How to utilise workforce data to inform pay fairness in your reward strategy.

HR Reward | Pay Fairness | Pay & Reward | PayLab | Advance | Pay Data

Fairness is referenced by many organisations in their pay principles, and whilst none of us set out to pay unfairly, the reality is most reward frameworks are seen as unfair by employees.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
16 June 2022

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What can you do to boost employee engagement

Employee engagement | Employee communications | Engagement

Employee engagement is for all employees, not just a few. It is vital that any programme reaches and resonates with all employees to make a positive difference. But how do we do that? Firstly, we need to understand how engaged employees are and whether there are any areas of concern.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
10 June 2022

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The Great Re-Engagement: How has Employee Engagement changed post-pandemic?

Employee engagement | Engagement

There is a clear business case for focusing on employee engagement, it is much more than just a point-in-time metric. However, traditionally it has been seen as a program to be delivered, often through employee satisfaction surveys.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
31 May 2022

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What is employee engagement and why does it matter? 

Employee engagement | Engagement

According to the CIPD appears to be no common understanding of employee engagement. Some definitions focus on employee behaviour or employee attitudes, some on employee feelings, some on conditions of work, and what the organisation does for them.

Posted by Emer Bucukoglu on
26 May 2022

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How organisations are aligning their digital strategy with their people strategy

Reward Strategy | Reward

People Strategies are often well-considered and have the approval of the Board, but implementation and deployment are overlooked and under-budgeted. Ensure your HR digital strategy is part of your people strategy for continued success.  

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
19 May 2022

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How can HR technology support your annual pay review process?

HR software | HR Technology | Pay Review

Having to juggle multiple spreadsheets is one of the main pain points of pay review but the introduction of HR technology to support the process and not only make life a little easier, but also to help you work more efficiently and effectively at pay review time and throughout the year.

Posted by Lisa Trewhitt on
13 May 2022

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Pay Review: Not Just An Annual Event

Pay Review

Just as we have seen organisations move away from the formal annual performance appraisal to more regular conversations around performance, we are also seeing organisations move away from pay review being an annual event to more frequent, agile approaches. Alastair Cole reviews the methods available.

Posted by Alastair Cole on
05 May 2022

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What is base pay in your organisation?

Pay Fairness | Pay & Reward | Pay Structure | Pay Review

There are many ways to manage a pay review budget and approach pay progression. However, before we start thinking about the pros and cons of those different approaches, it is important first to be clear about what Base Pay is for in your organisation.

Posted by Cathryn Edmondson on
29 April 2022

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What does gender pay gap reporting say about your business?

Equal Pay | Equal Pay Audits | Gender Pay | Gender Pay Gap | Gender Pay Reporting

Since the Gender Pay Gap Regulations came into effect in 2017 organisations with more than 250 employees have been reporting their gender pay gap. Increasingly organisations with fewer than 250 employees, and therefore not required to report, have been publishing their gender pay gap as the importance and value of reporting continues to be seen.

Posted by Spencer Hughes on
22 April 2022

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GUEST BLOG: How tech benefits can ease the burden on take-home pay

Pay & Reward | Reward

Most of us are feeling the pinch currently - the cost of fuel at the pumps is reaching new records regularly (despite the cut to fuel duty announced by the Chancellor in the latest budget). Gas and electricity prices are soaring with a further price increase coming in October, and the rate of inflation is at a 30-year high.

Posted by Jonathan West on
14 April 2022

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