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Category: Employee engagement


Onboarding whilst social distancing

Reward Consultancy | Employee engagement | Employee communications | HR Technology | Employee Experience | Covid-19

Onboarding is such a crucial part of any new hire’s impressions of their employer. Get it right and they’ll be engaged and productive; get it wrong and it’s hard to recover for both sides. But how to go about it when normal life is suspended?

Posted by Andrew Walker on
23 April 2020

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Gender pay gap reporting – more than just the numbers…

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Gender Pay Gap | Gender Pay Reporting | Employee engagement | Analytics

Mandatory reporting may be cancelled this year, but it's still a good opportunity to evaluate your gender pay position and review what measures are in place to close the gap.

Posted by Alastair Cole on
07 April 2020

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How HR can adapt to Coronavirus disruption and enable better engagement

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Employee engagement | Employee communications | Engagement | Flexible working | Communications | Agile working | HR Technology | Wellbeing | Covid-19

With Coronavirus disruption and so many employees now working remotely, it’s essential we don’t forget the importance of connecting with each other. Judith Moore examines 3 priorities for HR professionals to keep employees engaged during this difficult time.

Posted by Judith Moore on
17 March 2020

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Download our Responsible Reward guide

CEO Pay Ratios | Corporate Governance | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Equal Pay | Gender Pay | Measuring pay | Employee engagement | Pay trends | Communications | Business Ethics | HR Ethics | National Living Wage | BAME reporting | Recognition | Pension

Our aim in producing this guide is to share knowledge around what responsible reward means today and bring it to life with practical examples which you may want to explore at your organisation.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
11 February 2020

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Now that’s what I call blogs! 2019’s greatest hits

Executive Pay | HR Reward | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Gender Pay Gap | Benefits intelligence | Employee engagement | Analytics | Pay trends | BAME reporting | Pay Structure | Pay benchmarking | Flexible Benefits

A blog roundup today - our most popular blogs from 2019. Well worth a re-read of your favourites, or a chance to catch up on any you've missed.

Posted by Ella Rees on
17 December 2019

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2019’s top 5 workplace benefits 

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Benefits intelligence | Employee engagement | Annual Leave | Flexible working | Agile working | Culture | Productivity | Wellbeing | Flexible Benefits | Employee Experience

Senior Consultant Ben Rowley picks his top 5 benefits of 2019, which deliver the holy trinity of being valued by staff, boosting engagement, and providing a good return on investment.

Posted by Ben Rowley on
03 December 2019

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Hidden disabilities: how to ensure your workplace is inclusive to all

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Motivation | Employee engagement | Flexible working | Agile working | Culture | Total reward | Productivity | Wellbeing | Employee Experience

Many employees struggle with health conditions which have a severe impact on daily life, but can be difficult to discuss in a work context. Innecto's Justine Woolf discusses how employers can support those with hidden disabilities to make sure they are reaching their full potential.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
26 November 2019

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The pros and cons of increasing pay flexibility: is this the end for the weekly/monthly payroll?

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Motivation | Pay & Reward | Benefits intelligence | Employee engagement | Salary sacrifice | HR Technology | Low Pay | Financial Wellbeing | Employee Experience

Many companies are allowing a flexible approach towards payroll so employees can avoid the spiralling debt associated with payday loans. But is this a good idea in practice? Senior Consultant James Bigus takes a look at the pros and cons.

Posted by James Bigus on
19 November 2019

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Are financial rewards still an effective engagement tool? If not, what else engages employees?

Employee engagement | Total reward | Reward Strategy | Reward

When it comes to keeping employees interested and productive, financial rewards are one piece of the jigsaw – and a critical piece – but this piece alone does not pull together the whole puzzle of the engagement conundrum. This insightful blog explores engagement and sheds light on the other options available to employers that can really make a difference to their people and achieve results.

Posted by Alastair Cole on
28 October 2019

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How to use bonuses to greatest effect and motivate your people

Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Employee engagement | Performance

Current research shows that 59% of employees rated job enjoyment as a top three motivator, but, interestingly, only 13% - a surprisingly low number – of employees said that they are motivated by a bonus. In the case where money is almost seemingly no object though, then what can an employer do to ensure their staff are motivated enough? And can the traditional bonus still be used in different ways to ensure higher performance and happier employees? Spencer Hughes explores.  

Posted by Spencer Hughes on
30 September 2019

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How to give your incentives an MOT

Long Term Incentives | Performance Related Pay | Pay & Reward | Employee engagement | Sales Bonus | Pay Structure | Pay Review | Productivity

When did you last do a health check of your incentive schemes? Far from contributing to the success of the organisation, your incentive scheme may have quite the opposite effect. Here, James Bigus looks at three factors to bear in mind when designing a new incentive scheme, or when reviewing an existing one.

Posted by James Bigus on
09 July 2019

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Five ways to explore what benefits your employees really want

Benefits audit | Benefits intelligence | Employee engagement | Engagement

In order to understand what benefits you should be offering your employees, it is no longer sufficient to provide a one-size fits all package and expect it to be valued. Your employees are modern consumers who expect both choice and real flexibility. So, the question becomes, how do you determine what is right for them?

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
18 June 2019

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