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Category: Executive

What are the key factors affecting executive pay strategies in 2022?

Executive Pay | Executive Compensation | Executive | Pay Review

We know only too well the challenges with wage inflation and hiring of talent right now. Whilst we may think this predominantly impacts low to mid-level roles, the reality is, the same issues extend to Executive level roles too.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
17 March 2022

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Truth or Dare: Top 5 Exec Pay Myths

Corporate Governance | Executive Pay | Executive Compensation | Financial Reporting Council | HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Bonus | Performance Related Pay | Motivation | Pay & Reward | Exec pay | Executive

Executive pay has been in the news even more than usual lately - but there's a lot of misinformation out there. Deborah Rees-Frost sets the record straight on the 5 most commonly-heard 'truths'.

Posted by Deborah Rees-Frost on
05 December 2017

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Girl power

Boardroom | Reward Consultancy | Executive | Women in leadership

At one of our recent events we explored the topic of women in leadership, particularly focusing on the challenges women face in getting executive roles. Here, executive recruitment expert, Sarah Hopkins tackles the issues around this subject and shares some of her top tips on how women can improve their chances of getting hired to the boardroom...

Posted on: 18 June 2014

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