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Category: Pay Data

Equal Pay: Don't get stumped by pay equity

Pay Fairness | Pay Data

Pay equity refers to the fair compensation and benefits individuals receive for performing similar work or work of equal value, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, or other personal characteristics. This principle is essential for promoting fairness in the workplace, creating a level playing field in terms of remuneration, and preventing discrimination and bias that may result in unequal pay for comparable work.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
01 September 2023

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Choose the right data for pay benchmarking

Pay benchmarking | Pay Data

Selecting the right pay data to benchmark jobs in your organisation can be challenging at the best of times, not helped by the variety of options available out there, which many are being positioned as ‘real-time’ data.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
25 August 2023

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REBA: How to use reward technology to identify and fill pay gaps

Reward technology | Pay Data

Diversity, equity and inclusion policies are becoming more and more important within organisations and technology can help improve their effectiveness

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
30 June 2023

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What next for young workers after rise in minimum wage levels?

National Living Wage | Pay Progression | Pay Data

On both a national and company-led level, pay increases must be matched by initiatives to create opportunity and enable progression.

Posted by Simon Cook on
18 May 2023

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Building Pay Resilience in a volatile market

Pay Data | Resilience

On 17 January BBC online published an article entitled Cost of living: Five tips for asking for a pay rise. It is one of many articles currently being published on the topic, but the website and app are among the most-read in the UK and the article, which offers ‘five tips on how to negotiate for more money' will reach potentially millions of eyeballs.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
20 January 2023

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How to provide adjustments without breaking existing pay structures

Pay & Reward | Pay Structure | Pay Review | Reward | Pay Data | Cost of Living

Linkedin is an extremely powerful tool for engagement but it is creating new headaches for employers already struggling in a tricky market.

Posted by Emer Bucukoglu on
14 July 2022

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How to mitigate pay pressure, especially in hard to recruit sectors

Pay Fairness | Pay & Reward | Pay Progression | Pay Review | Pay Data

The current cost of living crisis is bringing with it a whole new wave of pay pressure for employers, but traditionally pay pressure can arise when you have an urgent need for hot skills.

Posted by Lisa Trewhitt on
07 July 2022

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How to utilise workforce data to inform pay fairness in your reward strategy.

HR Reward | Pay Fairness | Pay & Reward | PayLab | Advance | Pay Data

Fairness is referenced by many organisations in their pay principles, and whilst none of us set out to pay unfairly, the reality is most reward frameworks are seen as unfair by employees.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
16 June 2022

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Three key features your pay review software must have

Pay Review | Advance | Pay Data

The painful pay review process is leading many HR teams to look for software to handle the heavy lifting - if you are considering implementing a software solution for your next pay review, make sure you pick one that has these three must-have features.

Posted by Mark Macoun on
03 February 2022

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Pay Data: The right version of the truth?

Salary survey | Pay benchmarking | Pay Data

As we move cautiously out of the pandemic, ‘getting pay data right’ has never been more important. But how can you make sure you are selecting the right pay data, and how do you interpret what the data is telling you? Lisa Trewhitt offers her four main recommendations.

Posted by Lisa Trewhitt on
24 November 2021

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