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Category: Global reward

How to ensure responsible reward practices are implemented globally

Global reward | Responsible Reward

Responsible reward means considering the wider impact of how your organisation does business, and then aligning your reward package to this vision. The aim is to create long-term sustainability by moving beyond purely financial goals and incentivising your business – and your people – to generate a positive impact on society. But how do you translate these hugely strategic global goals into meaningful actions from a reward perspective?

Posted by Justine Woolf on
11 June 2020

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How to prepare for and manage reward arrangements in a changing talent pool 

Global reward | Global mobility | Global talent | Talent

The coronavirus pandemic has highlighted that work will never look the same again, with virtual offices becoming the new normal for many. Reward priorities will require a reshape with an agility of approach like never before, as employee attraction, retention and engagement becomes more important than ever. Are you ready?

Posted by Emer Bucukoglu on
19 May 2020

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Is Senior Pay in universities broken?

Corporate Governance | Executive Compensation | HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Gender Pay | Measuring pay | Global reward

University Senior Pay has come in for a lot of criticism in recent years. Innecto’s Senior Consultant James Bigus explains how universities can craft a considered pay position and demonstrate real value for money.

Posted by James Bigus on
26 February 2019

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The Changing Face of Reward

Corporate Governance | HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Equal Pay | Gender Pay | Gender Pay Reporting | Pay & Reward | Communications | Global reward | Culture | Reward

A more personal blog this week – Director David Rees reflects on the changes we’ve seen in the world of reward over the last fifteen years, and what this means for the future.

Posted on: 22 August 2017

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Public vs. Private sector reward: Who’s better off?

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Performance Related Pay | Pay Fairness | Reward Intelligence | Pay & Reward | Good data | Measuring pay | Benefits intelligence | Employee engagement | Global reward | Business Ethics | Reward Strategy | Performance | Reward

There's been much debate over the differences between public and private sector pay and who is better or worse off. In this blog, Justine Woolf discusses this disparity and how organisations can align pay and reward to bring employees together within a coherent, overarching framework...

Posted by Justine Woolf on
01 August 2017

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Gender pay gap: how Iceland is leading the way

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Equal Pay | Gender Pay | Gender Pay Gap | Gender Pay Reporting | Pay & Reward | Global reward | Culture | Reward

Iceland leads the rankings for gender equality, with the UK trailing in eighteenth place. In this blog we examine what they're doing, and what we can learn from them. Read more...

Posted by Roy Curnick on
23 May 2017

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Reward Bootcamp: curating your employee deal

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Reward Intelligence | Pay & Reward | Benefits intelligence | Employee engagement | Employee communications | Engagement | Global reward | Total reward | Reward Strategy | Performance | Reward

In a world where we are offered more deals and greater choice, reward is no different. But in a a world of more, more, more how do you differentiate your reward offer and employee deal and resonate on a deeper level with employees? Read Deborah's blog to find out more ...

Posted by Deborah Rees-Frost on
02 May 2017

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Seven steps for a successful reward project

HR Reward | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Equal Pay | Reward Intelligence | Pay & Reward | Good data | Employee communications | Analytics | Global reward | Global talent | Pay Progression | Recognition

Embarking on a reward project can be daunting. In this blog, Justine Woolf shares the seven steps that will help you gain traction and control in any major reward project...

Posted by Justine Woolf on
04 April 2017

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Making LTIPs work globally

Executive Compensation | Reward Consultancy | Long Term Incentives | Global LTIPs | Global reward

Designing long term incentives for a UK population can be challenging to get right, but when you are creating an LTIP to work globally there's a huge amount to think about. In this blog Julia Hanna looks at the key questions that you need to consider ...

Posted on: 20 November 2014

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