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Category: Diversity

Diversity in the workplace: why it matters and how you can improve

Gender Pay | Diversity

Since the inception of gender pay gap reporting we’ve seen an increased focus across the board on equality in a whole breadth of areas. Mirroring an entire society will not be possible in every workplace but more than ever it has become important to be open to the idea. If a company is not offering the chance to people from every background to work within their organisation, then why not?

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
05 August 2022

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Build Back Better: the future role of DEI, employee wellbeing and reward strategy in evolving company culture

Gender Pay Reporting | Covid-19 | Responsible Reward | Diversity | Ethnicity Pay Reporting

People are expecting their leaders to steer their organisations in a way that is more impactful on both the world around us and communities we serve, as well as treating employees in a more socially responsible manner. So how can you use the fallout of Covid to build back better?

Posted by Justine Woolf on
25 February 2021

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Why diversity and inclusion should be influencing your reward strategy

Equal Pay | Reward Strategy | Diversity | Ethnicity Pay Reporting

Whilst it is tempting during this period of uncertainty to invest less time in addressing diversity and inclusion initiatives, the consequences of placing them on the back burner are far reaching. Emer Bucukoglu suggests a few pointers to ensure you don't take your eye off the ball.

Posted by Emer Bucukoglu on
17 December 2020

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How communicating with and engaging employees will change in the next five years

Employee engagement | Employee communications | Engagement | Communications | HR Technology | Employee Experience | Diversity

As baby boomers bow out while Gen Z become a bigger proportion of the workforce, it’s important to rethink your organisation’s engagement strategy. With only 1 in 3 employees on average engaged globally, there has never been more reason to refresh existing tactics.

Posted by Mark Macoun on
03 December 2020

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Harnessing the benefits of a diverse workforce

Organisational Design | BAME reporting | Job Descriptions | Recruitment | Diversity

The prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement comes at pivotal time for businesses as we face what could be one of the most severe recessions in a generation. At a time when companies are trying to forecast what the future holds in the context of unprecedented circumstances and how best to keep the lights on, it would be easy to lose sight of issues like diversity. Cathryn Edmondson details why it is vital that diversity remains high on the HR agenda.

Posted by Cathryn Edmondson on
17 June 2020

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