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Category: BAME reporting

Ethnicity Pay Reporting: get ahead of the curve

BAME reporting | Ethnicity Pay Reporting

Ethnicity pay gap reporting is not yet mandatory but is considered ‘best practice’. With legislation looming on the horizon, we encourage organisations to start thinking about how to collect data or review ethnicity data collected and fill the gaps. Sarah Nash advises on where to start.

Posted by Sarah Nash on
18 February 2021

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Ethnicity Pay Gap: How to Prepare for Mandatory Reporting

BAME reporting | Ethnicity Pay Reporting

The UK is becoming increasingly ethnically diverse, and with mandatory reporting a likely introduction in the next year organisations simply cannot afford to ignore it and need to put significant effort into collecting this data. ​​​So how does an organisation kick start or move the process on? Emer Bucukoglu offers three steps to get you started.

Posted by Emer Bucukoglu on
29 October 2020

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BAME reporting: are you ready?

BAME reporting

The analysis on ethnicity pay gaps in Britain released by the ONS shows significant gaps remain even when education and occupation are considered, particularly for those born outside the UK. With legislation surrounding Ethnicity Pay reporting, also known as BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) reporting on the horizon, Sarah Nash looks at what this could mean for businesses.

Posted by Sarah Nash on
09 October 2020

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Harnessing the benefits of a diverse workforce

Organisational Design | BAME reporting | Job Descriptions | Recruitment | Diversity

The prominence of the Black Lives Matter movement comes at pivotal time for businesses as we face what could be one of the most severe recessions in a generation. At a time when companies are trying to forecast what the future holds in the context of unprecedented circumstances and how best to keep the lights on, it would be easy to lose sight of issues like diversity. Cathryn Edmondson details why it is vital that diversity remains high on the HR agenda.

Posted by Cathryn Edmondson on
17 June 2020

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Download our Responsible Reward guide

CEO Pay Ratios | Corporate Governance | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Equal Pay | Gender Pay | Measuring pay | Employee engagement | Pay trends | Communications | Business Ethics | HR Ethics | National Living Wage | BAME reporting | Recognition | Pension

Our aim in producing this guide is to share knowledge around what responsible reward means today and bring it to life with practical examples which you may want to explore at your organisation.

Posted by Justine Woolf on
11 February 2020

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Now that’s what I call blogs! 2019’s greatest hits

Executive Pay | HR Reward | Remcom | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Gender Pay Gap | Benefits intelligence | Employee engagement | Analytics | Pay trends | BAME reporting | Pay Structure | Pay benchmarking | Flexible Benefits

A blog roundup today - our most popular blogs from 2019. Well worth a re-read of your favourites, or a chance to catch up on any you've missed.

Posted by Ella Rees on
17 December 2019

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5 ways to measure how inclusive your reward strategy is

Equal Pay | Gender Pay | BAME reporting | Reward Strategy

The notion of inclusivity has never been more prevalent in the workforce. In our third year of gender pay reporting, with ethnicity reporting legislation on the horizon, and the need to show that, as an employer, you are inclusive and do not discriminate employees has never been more important. But how do we truly measure how inclusive our reward strategy is?

Posted by Mark Macoun on
10 September 2019

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Time to step up on Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Measuring pay | Employee communications | Analytics | BAME reporting

Ethnicity Pay Gap reporting is coming down the tracks, and promises to be a lot more complex than Gender Pay. Asha Charles has some top tips on how HR professionals can get ready to report.

Posted by Asha Charles on
23 April 2019

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Behind the Headlines: Getting Ahead of the Curve

HR Reward | Pay Transparency | Reward Consultancy | Pay Fairness | Equal Pay | Gender Pay | Gender Pay Gap | Good data | Analytics | Business Ethics | HR Ethics | Talent | BAME reporting | Pay Progression

Without understanding exactly how and why a pay gap exists, it’s impossible to take practical steps to close it. In light of PricewaterhouseCoopers' recently published ethnic minority pay gap figures, Innecto's Sarah Lardner assesses the importance of considering changes to your practices now, to avoid exposing a significant pay gap in a few years’ time.

Posted by Sarah Lardner on
19 September 2017

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