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Responsible Reward Index

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Responsible Reward Index

Consultancy Services

Responsible Reward Index

Realise the impact of your intent.

Our Responsible Reward Index is designed to help you to shape your ESG roadmap, add credibility to your annual reports, provide a foundation for reward practices and allow your employees to engage and support your business goals and objectives. Demonstrating positive impact - not just intent - will send strong signals about the seriousness and proactivity of leadership and management commitment to responsible reward.

Transparency and social sharing are trends that are here to stay – perceptions of how employees are valued or treated are posted unfiltered into the ether providing organisations with little opportunity to mitigate potentially damaging reputational impact with evidence.

Alongside this, there is a growing appetite from stakeholders, customers, employees, and investors to understand how well organisations manage their people - not just overall wellbeing, but also how systems and processes work to boost engagement and productivity, inclusion and diversity, pay equity and fairness in the way a company treats their employees. 

Change can not be effectively delivered by chance. Our unique report helps uncover the magnitude of risk your organisation faces and through simple colour coding highlights an action plan that once initiated will mitigate potential exposure and demonstrate strong levels of responsible reward practice, providing you with a tangible benchmark to track and monitor year on year delivery and drive competitive advantage through your workforce.

Why Innecto?

Realise the impact of your intent
Align and hone your strategies to deliver the maximum return.

Enhance your employer brand
Attract and retain talent and create a diverse and resilient workforce.

Control the narrative
Use independent analysis to evidence performance to employees, sustainability-conscious investors, regulators, governments and potential customers. 

Increase productivity
Unite, and engage employees around a common goal and purpose. 

Avoid reputational risk
Ticking a box is no longer enough, financial returns must go hand in hand with a positive societal impact. 



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Responsible Reward guide

Take a look at our Responsible Reward guide!

The idea of rewarding responsibly is not new, but there are a number of external factors that have forced the idea to the top of Board agendas and are pushing many companies to in effect rebrand and realign their reward practice. 

Our aim in producing this guide is to share knowledge around what responsible reward means today and bring it to life with practical examples which you may want to explore at your organisation.


Born in the USA: Lessons on CEO Pay Ratios 

18 February 2020

The UK's first round of reporting CEO pay ratios is on the way - but what lessons should we learn from experiences across the pond? Client Director Judith Moore looks at fairness, narratives, managing stakeholders and the future of disclosing executive pay.