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Innecto Reward Consulting - Twenty years of insight
Values & culture

Our Company

Values & culture

Our Company

Values & culture

Giving our clients confidence to get the best from their reward

Our values form the foundation of everything we do and were created by the team, focusing on the aspects that we know make us successful, so yes, they really do reflect the way we operate in real life.

Empower. Thrive. Succeed.

We are part of a strong, confident team who love what we do.
We enjoy our work, having a laugh along the way and sharing our passion with others.
We are committed to Innecto’s future, collectively growing and enhancing our reputation.

We dare greatly and are brave, not afraid to challenge the status quo or fail forward.
We always try to add extra value, bringing fresh, intelligent thinking to the table.
We continually look to evolve and grow, taking responsibility for our learning.

We deliver on our promises, acting professionally and honestly, both internally and externally.
We put ourselves in our client’s shoes – working to high standards and always aiming to deliver our best.
We are commercially minded, consciously balancing Innecto and client interests.

We work together as a team, catching each other so no one falls – we fix, not blame.
We collaborate, actively sharing and inspiring each other to develop and grow.
We respect each other’s individual worth and act mindfully, considering the impact we have on others.