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Workshops and Training Days

Consultancy Services

Workshops and Training Days

Adding value through reward expertise

Consultancy Services

Workshops and Training Days

Adding value through reward expertise

To complement our core services, Innecto offers hands-on training and knowledge sharing sessions for our clients.

Members of our Reward Intelligence community also have access to thought-leadership events run by Innecto's experienced team of Client Directors, sharing the latest best practice from across our industry.

Lunch and Learns

As part of our project delivery, Innecto consultants can present back to your business about how a new reward project works, its impact on employees, and how it helps the business. 

We deliver short interactive presentations, usually in a less formal environment like lunchtime where employees feel comfortable asking questions. Our clients tell us these sessions are incredibly valuable for promoting understanding and acceptance of new schemes, and are essential for creating company-wide engagement. 

For example, Innecto recently ran a series of lunch and learns for 300 people at a client’s HQ to explain their gender pay results. As a technology company with a high ratio of male to female employees, the client wanted to highlight the work they’d done with Innecto to identify their figures, the reasons behind them, and steps the company was taking to close the gap. The team were delighted with the response to the sessions and felt they had successfully reinforced the company’s shared values. 

Pay and reward can often be a sensitive subject, and it’s helpful to have independent experts on hand to give clear explanations and answer any awkward questions. With our support, clients can boost employee engagement and give their scheme the best chance of success.  To find out more or book in a session, fill out the form below.

Job Evaluation Methodology

To support the delivery of our proprietary job evaluation scheme Evaluate, Innecto runs 1-2 day workshops to train users in best practices and embed knowledge about the aims and principles of job evaluation.

Our sessions are hands-on; we show users how to evaluate their roles through a mixture of explanation and practical exercises. We guide your team through the system in small to medium size groups, meaning trainees feel supported and can ask questions throughout. We also offer job description writing workshops to ensure your organisation's roles are up to date and ready to be fitted into a grading structure. 

We deliver these workshops on your site, by the same Client Director and Reward Consultants who've been managing your project from the start. We're experts in delivering key messages in a confident and relatable way and showing how the scheme supports your long-term business plan.

These sessions are vital for embedding knowledge about how Evaluate works, its benefits to the business, and landing the scheme with varied groups of stakeholders. Implementing JE is a significant time and money commitment, so it's worth getting the maximum value through training and education. To find out more or book in a session, fill out the form below.

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