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HR Tech: To Boldly Go





‘It’s pay, Jim, but not as we know it.’

The future of HR has arrived. At least, that’s what we’ve heard.

But for many HR departments, ‘the future’ remains a distant and vaguely threatening concept. It might feel like we’ve come a long way from typewriters and paper personnel files. Yet too many of our processes are stuck in the past. Perhaps the information is sitting in a spreadsheet instead of a filing cabinet, but the result is the same; no one’s making use of it. We should do better. And we can.

I’ve written before about how to choose the right HR technology for your business. But when it comes to pay benchmarking, we’ve already done the hard work for you. Innecto’s PayLab is a market-leading tool which unlocks insight into your pay position against the market. It uses beautifully simple technology to take the heavy lifting out of pay benchmarking, and so leaves you free to focus on the why, not the how, of the exercise.

Pause for a moment and think: as an HR professional, what would make my life easier? What would it mean if…

…I could see my company’s pay position against the market, quickly and clearly, at the click of a mouse?

…I had concrete evidence to justify my budget and hiring decisions, which could be easily understood by the Board?

...I could switch seamlessly from a bird’s-eye view of the business, right down to the granular detail of individual salaries?

….I could identify talent flight risks at a glance, or easily spot overblown salaries?

…I had complete confidence during pay reviews, knowing that my decisions were backed up by a market-driven strategy?

PayLab makes it possible.

The pace of technological change isn’t slowing down any time soon. Paper-driven processes will continue to give way to intuitive technologies, and while the wider business environment is adapting to our new reality, HR risks being left for dust. Such rapid change is intimidating; and yet it also presents an amazing opportunity for progression.

What matters now is not the journey, but the destination. Dynamic tools like PayLab streamline labour-intensive processes, saving you time and money. Instead of wrangling huge volumes of data, you can spend time sharing insights with your team, and developing a market-led strategy to recruit and retain the best talent. You can securely access your company’s information, wherever you are in the world, and use it every day to power your decision-making.

As a people function it’s easy for us to steer clear of fully embracing technology, in the knowledge that we’re not about IT, we are all about people.  But only by embracing tech will you get the best result for your people – and the business’s bottom line. PayLab makes it beautifully simple to ensure that employees are paid fairly. You can clearly evidence your decisions with colleagues and Board members alike, taking the guesswork out of pay positioning and giving you greater credibility within the business.

Ask yourself: does my existing system support the current and future needs of the business? Could there be a faster, simpler way of undertaking pay benchmarking, which shifts the focus from process to results? The answer, unsurprisingly, is yes. PayLab provides an obvious return on investment, both in terms of your time and your company’s pay spend. It’s the future of pay, right here and right now.

To find out more about how PayLab can change the way you do business, call us on 020 3457 0894, or email to book a demo.

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