Deborah Rees-Frost speaking at Nationwide

Innecto's Director of Consulting Deborah Rees-Frost will present on the future of Total Reward to the Reward & Pensions team at Nationwide Building Society.

Innecto's Emer Bucukoglu highlights lessons for Ireland on implementing GPG laws

Gender pay gap reporting will transform the workplace for women in Ireland and change how companies recruit, retain and evaluate staff. That’s according to Innecto's own Emer Bucukoglu, who is addressing a special briefing in Leinster House today (04.07.18) on the lessons Ireland can learn from the UK’s experience of implementing gender pay gap legislation.

Webinar: Interview with Dr Duncan Brown

We're delighted to be joined by Dr Duncan Brown of the IES, in conversation with Innecto's Director of Consulting Deborah Rees-Frost.

Duncan discusses his recent research on current trends in job evaluation versus market pricing in the UK and US and the way they are used to underpin a pay and grading structure.