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Our top 10 useful reads for Christmas





Posted by Ella Rees on 18 December 2018

Our top 10 useful reads for Christmas

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If you’re anything like me, you have an ever-growing pile of books that you’ve been meaning to read, but somehow never seem to find the time. Luckily the Christmas break presents a perfect opportunity to curl up with a good book, preferably in front of a roaring fire, and take on some fresh ideas.

As an early Christmas treat, our Innecto consultants have got together and recommended their favourite work-related books. It’s an exciting mixture of new publications and well-known works which will send you into the New Year brimming with confidence and ready to hit the ground running.

1. Gemma Bullivant, Client Director: How to Own the Room - Viv Groskop

My top pick this year has only been out a few weeks, but it’s already made it onto my list of all time faves. An entertaining, readable and insightful book that explores what makes people sit up and listen when you speak, by looking at great speeches of recent times (all by women) and examining exactly what they do that makes them great, with practical tips you can adopt to make your own presentations and public speaking impactful and inspirational. Starting with the basics - what to do when you find yourself completely tongue-tied in front of a room full of people?

2. Ben Rowley, Senior Reward Consultant: Tired But Wired - Dr Nerina Ramlakhan 

Not really a business book, but applicable to busy professionals - addresses the main causes of poor sleep quality (through to full on insomnia) and practical steps to address it and sleep well every night. The Christmas break might be a good opportunity to reset your sleep pattern if you’ve fallen into bad habits.

3. Deborah Rees-Frost, Director of Consulting: The First 90 Days - Michael D. Watkins 

If you’re starting a new role in the new year, don’t leave the house without this book. It’s an essential primer for how to get off on the right foot and make a success of any new position. From accelerating your learning curve, to building your team, to securing early wins, this book has it all. 

4. Sarah Lardner, Client Director: The Alliance: Managing Talent in the Networked Age - Ben Casnocha, Chris Yeh, and Reid Hoffman

Interesting perspective on getting the most out of people when companies can’t offer jobs for life and employees are correspondingly less loyal and/or engaged. Suggests viewing colleagues as allies on a ‘tour of duty’ – you’re working together on a finite mission with clear end goals and benefits to both sides. 

5. Justine Woolf, Client Director: The Lean Startup – Eric Ries

Particularly relevant for our clients in fast-growth businesses, this book details practical steps to creating a successful business from scratch, and how best practice for startups differs from most traditional business wisdom. 

6. Emer Bucukoglu, Reward Consultant: Thinking Fast and Slow – Daniel Kahneman

If you have any interest in psychology, or just want to understand your brain better, this fantastic read will make you examine your daily decisions – big and small – in a new light. It’s a very readable look at intuitive vs. logical thinking and how slowing down and consciously engaging your brain can help you think smarter. 

7. Karen Thornley, Marketing Director: Start with Why – Simon Sinek 

In a nutshell, Sinek argues that great leaders inspire others by putting the Why (the purpose) before the How (the process), or the What (the product). It’s a concept which can be applied across your whole business, especially as many older organisations are re-examining their core purposes in our global, digitalised world. For a more in-depth look at how Sinek’s ideas apply to Reward, check out our blog. 

8. Deborah Rees-Frost, Director of Consulting: The Secret Thoughts of Successful Women – Dr. Valerie Young

Do you feel that it’s only luck that’s driven your career, rather than ability or hard work? You’re not alone. One of the amazing things about reading this book is realising how many outwardly successful, confident people, both male and female, are riddled with self-doubt and feel like an imposter in their own lives. Read it, and learn to trust yourself! 

9. James Bigus, Senior Reward Consultant: Freakonomics – Steven D. Levitt‎, ‎Stephen J. Dubner

Not strictly a business book, but this is a fascinating insight into the hidden economic drivers of a surprising number of our behaviours. If you read it a few years ago, it’s worth revisiting, and some chapters will certainly spark a discussion over Christmas lunch.

10. Gemma Bullivant, Client Director: The Discomfort Zone - Farrah Storr 

Talks about how to push through ‘brief moments of discomfort’ to reach our fuller potential. We don’t learn much when in our comfort zone. No ground breaking ideas really, in my humble opinion, but lots of useful stuff packaged in a very readable, engaging way.

We hope you have a relaxing Christmas and New Year. If you’d like to join us at the Pay Trends Roadshow in January, we still have a few spots left in Bristol, Birmingham and London. Register for your free ticket here 

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