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Now that’s what I call blogs! 2017’s greatest hits





Posted by Ella Rees on 30 January 2018

Now that’s what I call blogs! 2017’s greatest hits

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Greetings, blog pickers!

It’s time for our top ten blogs of 2017 – the most popular posts from the all-star cast here at Innecto Studios.

At 10, it’s Sarah Lardner with her classic hit ‘Big data & pay benchmarking - what do they have in common?’

A smash hit for Mark Macoun at 9, with ‘Engaging a multi-generational workforce using benefits.'

It’s a new entry at 8: Alastair Cole’s catchy little number, ‘Employee recognition: How are you doing?’

Making a comeback at 7, it’s ‘Going for gold at RemCom’ from Deborah Rees-Frost.

Fresh at 6, it’s rising star Roy Curnick with ‘Who’s afraid of the big bad bonus gap?’

Straight in at 5, Justine Woolf brings us ‘Public vs. private sector reward: who’s better off?’

In at 4, it’s Sarah Lardner again with ‘CEO pay ratios: What’s the story?’

Down from the top spot at 3, it’s ‘Beyond the headlines: how to drive gender pay into year 2’ from Deborah Rees-Frost.

And she’s straight back in at 2 with ‘5 things I've learned from running a benefits tender.'

But your number 1 blog of 2017… it’s ‘A missed opportunity: Gender pay reporting narratives’ from Sarah Lardner!

We’ll be back next week with another instant classic from the Innecto hit factory. Until then… don’t you dare touch that dial!

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