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The Value We Add

About Us

The Value We Add

About Us

The Value We Add

Your challenge is our challenge

We’re not a company of career consultants. We’ve walked in your shoes, understand the problems you face and the outcomes you require. We know what success looks like and we deliver it, providing real value that impacts the bottom line.

Through a long-term lens, we work with you to leverage your pay and reward spend. We identify cost savings, areas of risk and opportunity and deliver insight, analytics and frameworks to shape evidenced decision making and strategic alignment. 

But we add more than just financial value…

Specialised focus
Working with Innecto provides you with a dedicated team of unbiased specialists whose focus is your specific challenge. Unlike many of our competitors, the people you meet are the people who will carry out the project work. Projects are owned by our team of highly skilled and experienced Client Directors, and we take pride in building enduring relationships. Our solutions are bespoke and tailored to your organisation’s unique DNA.

Enhanced collaboration
Not burdened with the ‘day job’, we can enable in-house cross-functional collaboration and help pool knowledge across functions and levels. By unlocking the power of data analytics, we create a common language to engage and inspire stakeholders. We are honest and willing to encourage you all to face difficult facts – we base our recommendations in hard data which helps move the conversation on.

Independent Validation
Unaffected by your company culture and politics we can shine a light on all areas of pay and reward and present clear, consistent recommendations, providing evidence-based insights in the most sensitive of areas.

Knowledge Share
Our company values are realised in every interaction with clients and colleagues. We want to be the best and translate value in everything we do. We work to coach reward knowledge into in-house teams and ensure that expertise improves and sustains long after the end of the project. We share best practice tips, and keep you updated on the latest trends through our Reward Intelligence community.

Innecto Digital
Pioneering the implementation of HR Tech, we have developed two proprietary cloud-based solutions that represent the cutting edge of job evaluation and pay benchmarking software. Both solutions are exclusive to Innecto – their efficiency saves you time and money as well as enabling a more agile approach to HR fulfilment.

With over 70% of clients asking us back to do more work, we know that we have an inspirational team who build great relationships and deliver time and time again.