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What we do


Your pay review solution

What we do


Your pay review solution

Pay Review

Simplify | Streamline | Solve

Advance is Innecto’s complete solution for pay review. It’s a user-friendly, fully customisable modeller which saves HR teams considerable time and effort thanks to our built in Reward expertise. A powerful and cost-effective solution, Advance suits all business sizes and sectors.

Your challenge:

  • Pay review can be difficult to calculate if you’re applying varying principles or moving away from blanket awards
  • It’s difficult to pinpoint what each employee will receive, as well as overall costs and implications for the business
  • The whole process is laborious and time consuming, sucking up HR resources better spent elsewhere 

Our solution:

  • Launched in 2018, Advance is the latest addition to Innecto’s suite of HR tech and tools
  • It’s an intelligent tool which helps your business make use of Excel’s powerful analytics, without having to be an expert user
  • Advance allows your HR team to model decisions when allocating pay pots, allowing you to see the costs and impacts of different scenarios

Benefits of Advance

Objective and evidence based HR
Advance provides evidence of an objective and accountable process for deciding pay. It holds an archive of each year’s award data, giving you an easily searchable audit trail

Unlock insight and save money
Users can make intelligent choices and get the maximum value from their budget

Based on your business
Advance is fully customisable, so you decide which factors to apply. Examples might include: pay ranges, market rate, or performance ratings. Then apply these objective criteria to your entire employee data set based on set principles / parameters. Advance guides you throughout via a built in budget tracker

Hassle-free sharing
No need to worry about cutting up and disseminating spreadsheets to managers – Advance sends a separate automated spreadsheet to each reviewer. Once managers have made adjustments and given their rationale, the system seamlessly synchronises and goes back to you for final review 

See what works
You can test out different scenarios, seeing the associated costs and impacts on employee demographics

Share insights and data
Advance has a suite of Board reporting, allowing you to easily share with SLT and back up decisions. If appropriate, you could share with employees to demonstrate your objective and transparent pay review process


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