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The globalisation of the world economy and the changing social economic and political landscape has led the charge for a more agile-lite approach to HR.

Globalisation and diversity go hand in hand as does the need for HR to understand and nurture the relationship between employer and employee. Globalisation adds complexity, increased legislation, competition and the ability to respond quickly in dynamic environments.

The role of HR is essential to equip the business to face these challenges, it is essential they create and communicate a fair, safe and productive environment for employees that crosses cultural divides but still resonates and engages. Attracting and retaining talent that can operate on an international level becomes imperative, as does the need for clear career pathways and cultivating a sense of belonging which, if neglected, universally hits the bottom line.

The goal for any multi-national must be to build sustainable competitive advantage by attracting and developing the best managerial talent in each of your company’s markets. This necessitates evidence-based decision making. We offer the insight and analysis to cut through the noise and establish a fair, consistent and clear approach to pay and reward that provides the foundation for a strong people strategy.

Talent strategies should be global in scale and local in implementation. Our clients face the challenge of developing an integrated global HR and talent operating model that allows for customisable local implementation to create the flexibility to proactively respond to changing ‘local’ markets. We work with in-house teams to provide specialist advice, to streamline processes and find the balance in pay and benefits through sensitivity to the wants and needs of a diverse group of people.