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Who we help


"We’re now more transparent around the decision making process, our pay and benefits and how this effectively aligns with the business objectives."

Mandeep Thandi, Head of HR

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Gemserv is a leading provider of design, governance and assurance solutions to the competitive utility and environmental markets. Operating in an increasingly complex market, Gemserv’s prime objective was to attract, engage and retain key talent. By reviewing the reward and benefits strategy, Gemserv aimed to optimise their total reward offer and create a stronger link between performance and growth; for the company and the individual


Working with senior key players at Gemserv, our job was to undertake a thorough ‘Discovery Deep Dive’ and a powerful ‘Benefits of Change’ analysis. This helped us uncover present circumstances and identify where savings could be made with an improved reward programme. We gathered views on the current state and aspirations for reward at Gemserv through interviewing NEDs and the executive team which allowed us to create a draft reward strategy. We presented the strategy to employees to gauge opinion, ensuring maximum engagement and adding authenticity to the process.

The Outcome

Gemserv now have a powerful and focused reward strategy, defined as, ‘Be imaginative – go beyond pay.’ The strategy has key aspirations around creating unique and compelling policies, rewarding high quality performance and contribution, making confident decisions on pay, and being transparent to ensure engagement.

The new dynamic reward programme has been well received across the company, with high levels of participation. A range of benefits are tailored to match each employee’s demands and lifestyle and a recent survey shows 83% of employees now recognise the range and value of benefits offered. Since the project began, Gemserv have achieved record growth; 10% increase in revenue, 7% increase in profits and 30% increase in headcount – reflective of engagement and a sense of direction in company growth. Gemserv recently became a finalist in the Reward Magazine VIB Awards for this strategy.