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England & Wales Cricket Board

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England & Wales Cricket Board

Who we help

England & Wales Cricket Board

"Innecto take the pain out of GPR, not only ensuring an accurate submission but also providing the insight to understand the figures and the policies that can shape them into the future. We now feel masters of our own destiny and see the opportunity GPR will give us to shape our recruitment and talent strategies in the years ahead."

Rosie Ranganathan, People Director

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Innecto delivered Gender Pay Gap (GPG) Reporting for our long-standing client ECB – negotiating complex legislation and high levels of media scrutiny. ECB always knew their GPG reporting would be challenging, due to the historically male-dominated nature of their organisation (Male: 72% | Female: 28%). ECB engaged our consultancy team early on to gather their data, complete the calculations in line with legal requirements, run an Equal Pay review, and develop a clear and accurate narrative.


We started by collecting the correct data from several HR and payroll systems. As well as providing a completely accurate basis for the GPG calculations, it was important to put robust data gathering procedures in place so as to streamline the reporting process in future years. We then ran the numbers according to reporting requirements, as well as an Equal Pay review to give ECB confidence that men and women were paid fairly for the same job. After presenting back a full report to the ECB team, including detailed insights into their numbers, we worked together to develop a compelling narrative which clearly explained the figures and their meaning for diverse groups of stakeholders – employees, leadership, public and the media.

The Outcome

The narrative delivered long-term value by highlighting ECB’s ongoing efforts to address their gender imbalance and develop senior women throughout the operational side of their organisation. Whilst being honest about the size of the gap, we aimed to contextualise ECB’s figures within fellow sport governing bodies and other organisations with a high ratio of male to female employees, particularly at senior level. Our work means ECB now has accurate, accessible data and insights to underpin their gender diversity and inclusion initiatives. This will help them reach their goal of being a driver for change in their industry and support the production of exemplary GPG reports in future years.