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Publica Group

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Publica Group

Who we help

Publica Group

“Innecto provided a deep level of expertise, creativity and knowledge to help guide our decision making. What set them apart from other consultancies was their ability to quickly become one of the team, leaving our own team stronger for it. I see them as a real alternative to the big consultancies.”

David Neudegg, Managing Director

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Their Challenge

In 2017 Cotswold, West Oxfordshire, Forest of Dean District Councils and Cheltenham Borough Council joined together to form Publica, a ground breaking teckal employment company launched to deliver shared services between the councils.

This bold step was taken to meet the challenge of public sector budget cuts head on, improve efficiency and reduce costs, while at the same time improving services. The project was marked by an overriding desire to develop a new approach to pay and reward and introduce best practice from the private sector to a public-sector organisation. Savings of around £5.6 million per year by 2020, and £41 million in total over the next ten years were targeted.

Following a comprehensive tender process, the councils chose to partner with Innecto to deliver this ambitious project.

Our Solution

We helped Publica understand the impact their current approaches to reward and recognition were having, through a series of focus groups, surveys, an internal audit of current pay and practice as well as external benchmarking. This insight informed Innecto’s creation of a reward strategy, benefits solution and recognition programme to support delivery of the business plan and culture change programme.

Key to the successful transition was creating a culture, attitude and behaviours relevant to the new ‘company’, and an innovative and modern approach to total reward, that would attract new talent. Alongside these people focussed initiatives was the aim to use digital solutions where it added value.

The Publica Board identified early that engagement and communication would be critical to the success of the project and to this end we were pleased to provide additional marketing support. Innecto took the lead on employee brand development and providing a communications strategy, as well as day-to-day implementation of a full stakeholder engagement plan including employees, parish councils, partner councils and press.

Cogniscent of the key challenge of marrying the existing public sector package for employees moving into the new teckal with a different reward deal for new Publica employees, we initially focused on areas of reward that would enable employees on different terms to feel part of the same organisation.

"We are proud of the work we have achieved so far and are continuing to work together with Innecto on the next phase of our reward project to ensure our future organisational design supports our target operating model through the provision of a job levelling framework and the formation of new pay ranges based on market pay."
Ann Wolstencroft, Programme Manager

The Outcome

November 2017 saw the successful launch of Publica Group Ltd., with 600+ employees moving across to the newly formed entity.

The benefits to the organisation were clearly stated; reducing management and administration costs, closing the DB scheme, and benefiting from shared expertise and
knowledge within the workforce. However, to achieve this Publica had to successfully transition their employees into the new company. In a relatively short period of time, Publica had to deliver radical change; to rethink benefits and what they mean to the organisation, and to devise a pay and reward strategy that would support the delivery of
the overall business plan.

Our work with Publica has enabled them to achieve their strategic aims. They have changed the benefits narrative and have created a framework to sculpt the culture,
attitude and behaviours relevant to the new company. By allowing team members to appreciate each other for demonstrating Publica values, our recognition programme built
team cohesion and reinforced key behaviours at the new organisation. The introduction of HR tech has not only streamlined many HR processes but has delivered
the tools to ensure employees are treated fairly and consistently, to design the organisational structure, manage pay governance and deliver a comprehensive benefits
and wellbeing programme for all employees.

The launch of the benefits platform has enabled Publica to treat its employees in the same way they want their employees to treat their residents: as adults. Employees have a full choice of benefits and can select a mix that reflects their lifestyles.

The result? A Publica Group staff survey conducted in January 2018 was completed by 48.2% of the total staff population (88% of which were transferred to Publica):

  • 84% of respondents reacted positively, rating their feelings on the transition from ‘OK’ to ‘very excited.’
  • 77% of staff rated their motivation as 3 or above on a 5-point scale.
  • 69% of staff rate their feelings of being appreciated as 3 or above, with many acknowledging how team members work together to maintain a sense of appreciation.

We continue to support Publica with its wider HR and reward transformation programme.