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Arrow Global

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Arrow Global

Who we help

Arrow Global

"We can now make better and more confident decisions around pay and we have better career path visibility for our employees."

Paul Longfield, Head of HR

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Their Challenge

Arrow Global is a rapidly growing debt management business. In the UK, it was made up of two legacy organisations. It had been managing with few reward systems in place but needed help creating a more robust reward strategy and infrastructure to support its continued growth. Until now, decisions around pay had been based on recruitment data. Bonuses were disparate and needed to be harmonised across the company to maximise effectiveness and ensure there was a feeling of fairness among staff. 

Our Solution

Working with the HR team at Arrow Global, we embarked on a reward project with multiple workstreams. We began with well-defined clear job descriptions for Arrow Global’s roles which provided a firm foundation for using our online job evaluation tool Evaluate™. This provided the basis for fair and bias free levelling. Our sophisticated pay benchmarking exercise provided insight in to areas of both under and over spend, but importantly provided the necessary evidence for future pay decisions. A gender pay health check provided a clear picture of Arrow Global’s position on gender pay – to provide internal intelligence and also understand their position ready for gender pay reporting. Finally, we designed a fair pay structure that clearly shows progression up through grades and from left to right through job families. 

The Outcome

Arrow Global now has a pay structure that enables it to reward in the right way in the right areas. It shows a clear career path for the business-critical areas of the organisation and also allows Arrow Global to better control pay in other areas. Most importantly for employees, the pay structure created job families which encourage career development, and provides fairness around how pay is managed. Arrow Global now has the structure and strategy to support their continued fast growth.